Don’t Let These Growth Obstacles Slow You Down!

07 Mar 2019


The double-edged sword of cashflow management. A huge influx of orders is fantastic, but a huge expense on inventory? Less so. Making a large expense before you receive a return puts you at risk of overtrading. This could be anything from late paying customers to large investments in operations/infrastructure without enough incoming revenue.

How can you fix this problem? Generally, reducing your expenses until revenue has been collected is a good place to start. But, investments are the lifeblood of business growth, so by no means is this reason to always play it safe.

If there’s a risk that this decision may be too big too early, it’s worth investigating other options. Sometimes this can be renting equipment or space until you have enough revenue to buy it to own.

Especially when you’re still climbing the ladder and expanding. Making good payment terms with your suppliers and customers should be on your must-do list, too.

How can we help? Using our scenario planning tech and pairing it with your forecast data, we can map how different variables and investments will affect your cashflow. We can model the best, worst and middle outcome and help you assess the feasibility and likely outcome of any choices.

Staff retention

It’s always sad to see a member of staff leave. But, you’d probably be surprised about how upset your bank account is. The cost of hiring an employee, although the figure changes drastically throughout industries and business sizes, can stack up as far more than just a wage. Not to mention the loss of experience from your old employee.

Increasing employee initiatives and standards can be a worthwhile investment to keep your employees happy, in order to keep recruitment costs down. Plus you’ll get much happier employees - a benefit in itself.

We can specifically monitor your average hiring cost to help you keep an eye on the numbers and figure out when it’s time to make a change to your onboarding programme.

Client dependency

Having regular clients is a great opportunity to give your business a foundation of frequent work.

Building relationships with these customers can be a pleasant experience and the mutual benefits are undoubted. However, financial dependency on too few clients leaves you walking on a tightrope that’s waiting to snap.

Yes, you can encourage and entertain your clients, so they have almost no reason to leave but, their departure reasons may be out of their hands, let alone yours. Say the company finds itself making cutbacks in a time of financial instability or, a change in leadership results in them switching to someone else’s services. These reasons are entirely out of your control, no matter how great your relationship, or your services.

The likelihood is, growing your client base is always going to be an aim for your company. But, diversifying your client base so that a client’s departure doesn’t send your business into meltdown is crucial.

This is another one of the many scenarios we can model for you. By modelling the loss of this client we can see just how it will affect your business and adjust your dependency accordingly.


Last, and certainly not least, is fatigue. The day to day runnings of a small business and dependency on key team members can be exhausting. In bad cases, it can lead to rash decisions and really take a toll on the business and the people in it.

Ensure that working hours and time off are kept at a good amount. Refusal to take breaks, whether, out of hours or with annual leave, can result in mental and physical tire, leaving workers unproductive and unmotivated (and more importantly, sick and resenting their job) in the long run.

Encouraging breaks, investing in automation services and ensuring that you have enough manpower (exterior assistance is an option to consider) will reduce the strain on your employees and as we’ve said, happier employees makes everything better. We want to take the stress away from your finances.

Speak to a team member to find out how we can help you, your team and your business.

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Grenfell James Associates - The Senior Team

Chris works with a diverse profile of owner managed businesses to assist them to grow and retain wealth. Although Chris works with clients from a wide range of sectors, he has particular expertise in property, catering, consultancy and professional services.

Chris Wood

Managing Director ACMA

Alex has worked for Grenfell James since 2002 and became a director in 2013. Overseeing our internal operations, he manages the flow of work and ensures we hit our strict deadlines. Alex also manages a portfolio of clients, with expertise in manufacturing and service businesses.


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David has worked for Grenfell James since 2006. He heads up our tax team and is highly experienced with expertise in different industries and sectors.

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Hannah qualified in 2016, having worked for the company since 2009. She acts as a client manager for a range of businesses, with expert knowledge of the equestrian and rural sector. Hannah also manages our payroll team.

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Client Manager ACCA

JP qualfied in 2014, having worked for Grenfell James since 2007. He is a client manager for a diverse portfolio of clients including those in the manufacturing and serivce industries. 


Jon-Paul Lawrence

Client Manager ACCA

"JP has looked after my accounts for a couple of years now, & I have to say nothing is too much trouble for him. As someone who fully appreciates that I know my business, but will always be guided by those who are experts in their own respective discipline, I have never once sent a request or query & not had a reply almost instantly. Highly recommended!     "

Dean. Wootton IT

"I am delighted with the professional and efficient way in which Grenfell James Associates do things. In particular, they return my calls quickly, do the things they say they are going to do and do them when they say they are going to. Since our group was established in 1991 they developed all the financial systems that robustly stood the test of time, coping with many millions of pounds of transactions "

Regent Square Estates

"Since taking over the accounting for our two businesses, Grenfell James have taken away any stress we have had in the past with our accounts. They have been very approachable and easy to talk to, enabling us a better understanding of how we need to run our business. "

Paul Stanley. A S Contracts Ltd.

"Fantastic all round service level. Tax return peace of mind and highly efficient. Thank you. "

Mr J McCarthy

"Thank you Grenfell James for providing an excellent service for both me and Proco. Everything you have said and done has been spot on and on time. A great team and very friendly. Regards, from a very happy customer. "

Proco Coatings & Laminates

"I think you do a great job. You are so approachable and flexible in terms of when you can meet us. "

Mckechnies independent tea and coffee bar.

"~After contacting various accountants about what seemed to be a complicated capital gains issue, I spoke with Damien.He is very approachable, professional and immediately reassured me that it was straightforward. He obviously had experience of the matter.I met him to give him my paperwork and I felt I had no need to worry.He completed the tax return very quickly and the cost was reasonable.I highly recommend Grenfell James Associates and Damien.   "

Mrs Jones

"In the past we have been unfortunate to work with some less than reputable accountants. Grenfell James Associates have restored our faith in the accountancy business and assisted us with every aspect of our financial responsibilities. We now have a renewed confidence in our finances, knowing that all our affairs are being dealt with in an efficient and professional manner. Thank you to the whole team and we look forward to many years of working with you. "

NPD Design Consultants Ltd

"Grenfell James provide an excellent service with all accounting details explained in a very friendly and understandable manner. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any business wanting concise and reliable service at a very reasonable price.   "

Mr I Cameron

"Grenfell James have been an amazing partner, managing the pressures that come with taking a start up to a multi million pound concern in 18 months is never easy, but these guys were both strategic and responsive with great ideas and exacting execution   "

Roy Ferguson. The Perfect Cosmetics Company.

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